About us

We are Different

Arabian Star was founded in 2005, as an agency with a difference. As regular travellers, we have often been subject to changes, mistakes, panic and stress – all of which could have been eliminated, reduced or avoided. When we decided to serve others, our simple desire was to avoid all unpleasant situations and prevent unexpected problems with careful planning and consideration. In other words, all we wanted for our clients was the very best…

Over the years, this has become The Arabian Star

We understand that every client has differing needs, and different constraints, and that each of these need to be understood, and addressed with customised solutions. It is our belief that what customers crave – above everything else – is honest and attentive service. It is our aim to offer complete satisfaction and the greatest levels of comfort.

We are a privately held company managed by ownersoperators, and all of us share a deep passion and a futuristic vision for the business and pleasure of travel.

Arabian Star

Mission : To treat every customer as a special guest, and every booking as a special request, by finding the best possible bespoke solutions for every need, requirement, and occasion.

Vision : To be ranked as a leading travel agency – both in the corporate and consumer segments of business – by virtue of excellent personalised service.

Our Values

Join our journeys

Enjoying life’s pleasures is not just a result of planning or a privilege of being productive, but also, one of the rewards of hard work. Everyone needs time off to rest and relax, to enjoy and to explore. What better place to do this than at another place?

We encourage our clients to stretch beyond the limits of everyday lives: to slow down, to get lost, to find joy, to search the unknown, and to discover a new. Our greatest joy comes from seeing them achieve their dreams on their travels.

We design and organise memorable holidays around the world, for small groups of individuals, friends, and families. We organise work-related trips for larger groups of colleagues and co-professionals who need to attend seminars, conferences or exhibitions. In the UAE, we welcome our visitors with the traditional hospitality that Arabia has always been famed for. 

We care about you

Our team is made up of young, smart and friendly professionals who speak many languages and represent different nationalities. With vast experience in broad-ranging fields of the industry, we are well geared to offer advice, find answers, maximise budgets, and provide practical solutions across all stages of travel planning.

If we don’t exceed your expectations, we believe we are not doing our jobs well enough. And it is our guarantee that you will get what you pay for, and then some more.

At Arabian Star, we operate as a family, and we are more than mere colleagues or friends. Working closely together, and in tandem, we ensure that the best services are on offer – at all times, to all clients.

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